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Cities around the world

How many cities are on Earth?

At the turn of the century in 2000, there were 371 cities with 1 million inhabitants or more worldwide. By 2018, the number of cities with at least 1 million inhabitants had grown to 548.

We are working hard to provide relevant and up to date safety information for all the cities across the world.

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  • Montreal

    As Québec’s largest province, Montreal is a large city that sits amongst skyscrapers and the Saint Lawerence River. From cobblestoned neighbourhoods, to French colonial architecture, this city is home to many cultural influences that are reflected in its character.

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  • Toronto

    Toronto is a cosmopolitan city that is home to vibrant lifestyles, art and beaches. The city’s food reflects the multicultural diversity, with restaurants providing an insight into the population. There is so much to explore in the city, from waterfront walks, to kayaking around Toronto Islands.

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  • Vancouver

    Vancouver, located in British Columbia, is a cultural hub that offers plenty of actives. As a port city, its waterfront allows for outdoor exploring on ferries and boat services. From urban city living, to adventures in the mountains, Vancouver is a host for lots of opportunities.

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  • Quebec City

    Quebec City holds quaint streets and stone buildings. The bend of French culture is at the heart of the city, represented not only in the language, but in the colonial architecture. The city borders the Saint Lawerence River, making for beautiful scenery when exploring.

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  • Calgary

    Calgary, a cosmopolitan Alberta city that is home to adventure and fun. It has an amazing lifestyle, from its nightlife to its sport. As a former host to the 1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary is famed for its outdoor adventures and winter sports.

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  • Victoria

    Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. This city is situated on Vancouver Island, being surrounded by beautiful wildlife and scenery. There is so much to explore in this city, form its former colonial past in its architecture, or its contemporary Butchart Gardens with 55 acres of beauty.

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  • Annecy

    Situated in Southeastern France, Annecy is an alpine town that holds plenty of character. From cobbled streets, to twisting canals, there is so much heritage to explore. It is the city for adventure, exploring life on the mountains and surrounding lakes.

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  • Antibes

    As a resort town, Antibes lies between Cannes and Nice. From its 16th Century character, this city embraces its history in every aspect of its monuments. Bordering the ocean front, it is home to yachts that are moored at the Port Vauban marina.

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  • Dijon

    Dijon is one of France’s most appealing cities. Filled with culture and heritage, it is a city that holds character and charm. From medieval to Renaissance buildings, it is a centre for historic stories. As a well connected city, there is so much to explore and see.

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  • Grenoble

    In the region of southeastern France, Grenoble is located in the mountains between the Drac and Isére rivers. Home to winter sports, this is a visit for family fun and seasonal travel. The city pictures 18th century character on its slops, where historic museums lay open.

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  • Marseille

    Marseille is a port city in southern France. The city holds history having been a former fishmonger land, being at the heart of the Vieux-Port. Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the city is home to lots of activities and scenic routes.

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  • Metz

    Metz is a quaint city in northeastern France. Its deep green trees help line the streets alongside the Moselle and Seville river. The Old Town is filled with history, from the cathedral, to the nearby museum. There is so much to explore in this scenic city.

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  • Nimes

    Located in southern France, Nîmes was a former outpost for the Roman Empire. This well-preserved commune, is packed with rich history and culture. There is so much to explore in this area.

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  • Huelva

    A port city in southwestern Spain, lies a quaint town that houses 15th century monuments. Architecture and museums are a prominent feature of this city, defining its character and customs. There are so many interesting attractions to explore.

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  • Salou

    Salou is a resort town along Spain’s northeastern Costa Daurada, in the Tarragona province. There is so much to explore in this city, from water parks to museums. Coastal walks are also a popular activity, along with beach walks to watch the sunrise or sunset.

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  • Bilbao

    Staggering architecture, a venerable dining scene and stunning landscapes just outside the city centre: Bilbao is one of the great treasures of the Basque Country.

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  • Gran Canaria

    Gran Canaria is one of Spain’s Canary Islands. It offers a diverse trip, covering sandy beaches and mountain hills. There is so much to do. The Island offers plenty of adventurous activities, from water sports, to mountain climbing, there is always something new to explore.

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  • Benidorm

    Benidorm is one of Spain’s famous party scenes. As a seaside resort on the eastern coast of Spain, it belongs Costa Blanca. A popular holiday destination due to its beaches and vibrant bar culture, Benidorm has lots to offer. It’s most famous beach, Levante Beach is backed by palm-lined promenades, bars and rows of skyscrapers.

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  • Alice Springs

    Alice Springs, known as the Red Centre due to its landscapes, is a great way to explore Australia’s scenery. As a remote town in Australia’s Northern Territory, it is a popular destination as it is the country’s interior desert region.

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  • Broome

    Broome is one of Western Australia’s natural beauties. As a beach resort town in Australia’s Kimberley region, it is popular for walking along the shoreline and watching the sunset. Most popular, Cable Beach offers a picturesque view and is home to some amazing wildlife.

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